How to party your way through Budapest

03 March 2021

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Friendly disclaimer

We urge you to check local government restrictions, rules, and safety measures related to COVID-19 and take personal comfort levels and health conditions into consideration before you travel.


Budapest’s party scene, may seem slightly latent, when compared to its European counterparts. But once you’ve stepped into this two-part city, you’ll discover it isn’t any less vibrant than the usual suspects. From boats to bicycles, Budapest parties on the move. If you’d like something more stationery, head to one of the ruin bars that have risen from the ashes of derelict buildings and forgotten spaces. Or try a surreal experience of a spa and party, all rolled into one. If this isn’t a Goulash of good times, then what is?

Rev up at Retox

Let’s start with your base in Budapest. If a good time is ALL you are after and sleep is the last thing on your mind, then you’ve found the perfect place in Retox. That’s right it’s the polar opposite of detox! More than a cookie-cutter European hostel, Retox is an atmosphere. Hostelworld describes the place as Perfect for the traveller looking to meet new people, experience new things and have wild nights full of debauchery”. If this description rocks your boat, then check right in – to have too much of a good time at Retox! The hostel is located smack in the middle of downtown Budapest, so you can base yourself in the heart of all the action.


Unravelog tip: Retox holds its Alcoholympics on Thursday nights. True to its name, the event has a series of drinking games. The only qualification you need is your ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol. Catch the Jager Train on Sundays. Anything that starts with the word Jager usually ends with amnesia. You’ve been warned!


Address: Budapest, Ó u. 41, 1066 Hungary
Phone: +36 70 670 0386

Join a Red Party

And so it’s time to head to a ruin bar – those trendy (and trending) drinking spots that have mushroomed in derelict buildings around Budapest. For a throwback to the Red years, join a “communist party” at The Red Ruin. Say hello to Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong in birthday hats (by way of mural of course). The theme of the bar, the Red years,  comes alive with its communist jokes, pop-up art, puns and even appropriately named drinks. It’s kitschy, loud, a little messy, and popular with the locals and tourists alike. 


Address: Budapest, Irányi u. 25
Timings: 14:00-04:00
Phone: +36 1 612 3502


Guzzle and pedal

Get on a communal saddle and pedal through the streets of Budapest with your mates, and with a 20-litre keg of fresh draft beer to keep you company for a couple of hours. If you’re after a mad laugh, some (not so easy) pedalling, a whole lot of guzzling, all while taking in the sights of this beauty called Budapest, we recommend the Pedal Bar. Each beer bike can accommodate a minimum of four people and a maximum of 16 people. And yes, the price promises a sober driver!


Unravelog tip: You can connect your phone to the beer bar’s music system and play your favourite tunes on this fun ride!


Dance the night away on the Danube boat parties

Here’s a cruise with lots of booze to be had with 300 people, made up of travellers and locals alike. Float down the Danube, past the LIT castle and bridge, for a view of Budapest from the waters. The party starts at 10:30 PM and lasts for the duration of the ride, which is approximately 2 hours. You have access to free-flowing beer, wine and champagne during the party. Along with the best DJ’s to get you grooving.


Unravelog Tip: You also get free access to one of the hottest Ruin clubs in Budapest post 12:30 AM. So you can party until dawn with your newfound boat party buddies. Aye. Aye. 



Back in 1994, a few friends decided to combine two things they loved. The ancient bath culture of Budapest and electronic dance music. Trippy, right? Right. Head to the historic Széchenyi Bath on Saturdays for a bubble bath with a difference.


A spa and party all rolled into one, ‘sparty’ goers can enjoy a mix of thermal baths, visual effects and electronic music, ensconced within the old walls of the Széchenyi Bath. Keep in mind, it is essentially a pool party, so you do need to be up for dancing with and talking to strangers unless you go with your own group of friends.


Address: Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11

Phone: +36 1 363 3210


Once done partying, there are plenty of places and experiences to check out in Budapest that are a cool blend of both nature and culture. Whether you wish to soak in its history or go on a soul-searching hike, you can find it all in 3 days in Budapest.

Unravelled by: Mridula Pai

Mridula is a dolce vita junkie and editor-in-chief at Unravelog. Having steered away from the grand narratives of cause, she approaches life in terms of patterns, to open herself up to a kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences.  A traveller by design, she loves exploring the newness of  being: through smells, tastes, sounds, design, cultures… all in pursuit of the sweet life.

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