8 stunning viewing spots in Positano

31 August 2021

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Friendly disclaimer! We want to be as accurate as possible, but given these challenging times, we urge you to recheck that the venues are open when you decide to visit.


Positano is a beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. This seaside paradise overlooks the calm blue Mediterranean Sea. With cliffside houses in pretty pastels, breathtaking hiking trails, and photo-worthy streets and steps, Positano is a fairytale retreat for those who crave a romantic holiday.  This distinctive, dramatic jewel of southern Italy is a  town filled with charming cafes, spunky bars, artisanal stores, groves of wisterias, and easy-going locals. 


It goes without saying that Positano offers stunning views, whether you choose to look at the sea from your hotel room or take in the panorama of its hillside houses from a boat ride on the sea. Here’s a list of the most popular viewpoints that you must check out.

Spiaggia Grande

The classic Spiaggia Grande is Positano’s most popular beach, with the gorgeous hills forming a stunning backdrop. It may be teeming with people most times of the day but that doesn’t stop tourists from flocking to the beach to sunbathe or swim in the sea. 


Get a glimpse of the cliffside houses that tumble down the hills. The grey pebbled beach stands in perfect contrast against the colourful houses – so get ready to capture some unmissable Instragam shots here!


Unravelog tip: Take a walk from the Spiaggia Grande to the Fornillo through the passageway that joins the two beaches for the most amazing views of the seascape and pebbled grey shores.


Location: Spiaggia Grande

By  Freja Saurbrey/Unsplash
By Freja Saurbrey/Unsplash

Arienzo Beach

Arienzo beach in Positano (also known as the 300-steps beach), can be reached after walking down 300-odd steps, while you take in the stunning views. Arienzo is also relatively less crowded than Positano’s busier spots, making it ideal for travellers who wish to spend time on a quieter beachfront. 


The staircase allows for great views of the most beautiful villas on the Amalfi Coast such as the Villa Tre Ville, which hosts renowned artists and performers. The beach faces the southwest and hence enjoys the sun longer than any other beach in Positano. Watching the sunset in Arienzo is an unforgettable experience!


Location: Via Arienzo, 16, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

By Jacqueline Giltrow
By Jacqueline Giltrow

Franco’s Bar

Franco’s Bar offers a postcard-like view of Positano that’s hard to match. Located above the Church of Positano, this bar is flocked by travellers who want to take some memorable shots of Positano’s panorama while experiencing the happy buzz of the place. From Franco’s, you get an unobstructed view of the hills as you soak in the sea breeze and catch the changing colours of the sky.


Unravelog tip: We suggest you watch the sunset from the bar. Order a limoncello spritz for the quintessential Positano feel!


Location: Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Franco's Bar Positano

Fornillo Beach

Fornillo Beach is a short walk from Positano’s main beach, not as crowded and with beautiful views. It is full of colourful beach umbrellas that make it a great photo spot. It is a smaller beach – about 300 metres long – and a cheaper alternative to Spiaggia Grande. The hills behind are picturesque, and so are the imposing towers of Torre Trasita and Torre del Fornillo. 


To get the most out of this gorgeous beach, head out early before the crowd begins to grow. Take an entire day to lounge on the beach chair, admire the sea view, go for ample dips in the cool Mediterranean waters while watching the sun course through the sky and change its colours.


Unravelog tip: Fornillo Beach is pretty rocky and the pebbles may make it difficult to walk barefoot, so make sure you carry a sturdy pair of flip-flops.


Location: Fornillo Beach

By Mihael Grmek/WikiCommons
By Mihael Grmek/WikiCommons

 La Tagliata

La Tagliata, Positano, is a food lover’s paradise and a photographer’s delight. This restaurant is nestled high up in the hills, which explains its perfect views. It’s a semi-open restaurant run by a family and with a distinctively ‘homely’ ambience. There are 3 terraces in La Tagliata, each comprising organic vegetable gardens that guests can visit and pick vegetables from, to indulge in some delectable food (made with farm-fresh ingredients). Take in the mesmerising views of Positano below – an experience to tuck away forever in your memories.


Location: Via Tagliata, 32B, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

La Tagliata

Marina Harbour

‘Marina’ or harbour is a platform located on the right side of Spiaggia Grande where ferries dock. Marina is proof that almost any spot in Positano is a viewing spot of the charming landscape that makes up the town. From here, you get a wonderful view of the bay and the Church of S. Maria Assunta. The waters will tempt you enough for a dive, or to take a boat to Capri, available from this harbour. 


Location: Via Marina Grande

By Barrydude/Pixabay
By Barrydude/Pixabay

View from the water

You can also view panoramic Positano from the water. If you have had your fill of viewing the sea from the numerous spots on land, it is time to spend a little more time in the Mediterranean waters and soak in the charming pastel views of Positano’s hills, rocky shores, salmon buildings, tall towers, and more. 


For more immersive views from the sea, you can tour the waters in a boat or water taxi. You can also plan day trips to nearby towns on the Amalfi Coast, the many gorgeous sea grottoes, Sorrento, or Capri. All of it will give you ample time to admire just how beautiful seaside Italy is! 

By Jordan Steranka/Unsplash
By Jordan Steranka/Unsplash

Buca di Bacco

Buca di Bacco, situated on the Spiaggia Grande (Big Beach), is one of the most sought after hotels in Positano. What a perfect location to make your stay in Positano complete, with mesmerising views of the small town, the islands, and the Mediterranean – from your room! 


Buca di Bacco is also conveniently situated close to the most popular beach, Spiaggia Grande and to many eateries and shops. It has dainty, old-world decor and a beautiful homely, outdoor terrace. You only have to peek out of the terraces and balconies to feel awed by the sea.


Location: Via del Brigantino, 35, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Buca di Bacco
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