Things to do and see in Kiev

09 June 2021

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Friendly disclaimer! We want to be as accurate as possible, but given these challenging times, we urge you to recheck that the venues are open when you decide to visit.


Kiev, with its traffic-packed boulevards, shopping malls and old world architecture is a mirror to Ukraine’s past while stepping foot into the future. Golden domes and shimmering spires peek out from the wooded hills rising above the wide Dnipro River. Kiev is reminiscent of material heritage rooted in its Slavic history; it will take you on a time travel through its myriad monuments and churches that are scattered throughout the city.

Golden Gate of Kyiv

Golden Gate of Kyiv Kiev

Restoration of the Golden Gate Monument was initiated on the occasion of Kyiv’s 1500-year anniversary in 1982. This was met with some criticism, since this decision implied the structure’s original ruins had to be removed to erect the new monument. The has now been rebuilt in a combination of brick and wood.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Volodymyrska St 40A, Kyiv

Independence Square

Independence Square Kiev

Seat of the Orange Revolution, Kyiv’s big social heart hosts many concerts, performances and festivals, and it is thus known for its vibrant and lively atmosphere. Surrounded and embellished with fountains, monuments and an underground shopping mall, this is where real life happens.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Khreschatyk Street, Kyiv


Khreshchatyk Kiev

This tree-lined boulevard is the main street of Kyiv, dominated by Stalin Empire architecture and upmarket shops. It stretches over one kilometer through a valley that is thronged at weekends when it’s closed to traffic.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Khreshchatyk Street, Kyiv

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Kiev

This monastery is a historic pilgrimage place and an UNESCO World Heritage Site, housing amazing churches, museums and eerie monastery caves. In 2007, it was also elected as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Lavrska Street 15, Kyiv
  • Website:
  • Timings:
    • Apr-Sep 9am-7pm.
    • Oct-Mar 9am-6pm.
    • The caves are open 8:30am-4:30pm.

Andriyivsky Uzviz

Andriyivsky Uzviz Kiev

The picturesque and steep cobblestone hill Andriyivsky Uzviz, meaning “Andrew’s Descent”, is lined with souvenir sellers and artists. Historic landmarks, for example the Castle of Richard Lionheart, are spread out along the descent and they all a great sight.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Andriyivsky Uzviz, Kyiv

Saint Sophia’s Cathedral

Saint Sophia's Cathedral Kiev

This 11th-century cathedral, now being a museum, is adorned by stunning mosaics and impressive frescoes. Together with the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, this one is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Vladimirskaya Street 24, Kyiv
  • Website:
  • Timings: Daily 10am-6pm. The grounds and the tower can be visited 9am-7pm.

The National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War

The National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War Kiev

The National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War is a great place for getting a profound understanding of Kyiv’s history and the impact it has made on the country today. This museum has both an indoor section and a big outdoor section with monuments and statues.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Lavrska Street 24, Kyiv
  • Website:
  • Timings:
    • Mon-Fri 10am-6pm.
    • Sat-Sun 10am-7pm.
    • The main exhibition starts at 11am.

St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery Kiev

St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery lies on the Dnipro river bank and it boasts soaring domes, mosaics and memories. It was built in 1713 and it has been complemented as well as rebuilt and reconstructed several times since.


Useful Info:

National Opera House of Ukraine

National Opera House of Ukraine Kiev

As one of the oldest building of the Ukraine, this historic Opera House invites you to an evening of classic opera or ballet, and the fabled mastery of its performing artists along with the stately ambiance of the building itself will make for a decidedly unique night out in Kyiv. Prices are reasonable and the seating is good. but make sure to book in advance, as popular shows tend to get sold out early.


Useful Info:

St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral

St. Volodymyr's Cathedral Kiev

St Volodymyr’s Cathedral is a busy, boldly frescoed 19th-century church in the city center and a memorable landmark. It is the most important cathedral for the Ukrainian Orthodox church.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Tarasa Shevchenko Boulevard 20, Kyiv
  • Website:
  • Timings: Daily 9am-6pm

Kyiv Funicular

Kyiv Funicular Kiev

The funicular, connecting the district Podol with the upper part of the city, is an authentic and functional monument to Kyiv’s historic past and just another means of public transport for locals. Get in on the lower station (Poschtova Ploscha) and up to Andrew’s descent and the upper station (Mykhailivska Ploscha) to save yourself a tiring climb uphill while taking in the spirit of the ages and also a great view. For taking the funicular, a special ticket is required. These may be purchased directly at one of its stations.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Sahaidachnogo Street 3, Kyiv
  • Timings: Daily 6am-11pm.

Babi Yar

Babi Yar Kiev

The Babi Yar ravine is a sobering memorial to the people massacred during the Nazi occupation. It is estimated that at this very place, more than 100.000 people lost their lives.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Oranzhereina Street, Kyiv

The House with Chimaeras

The House with Chimaeras Kiev

The House with Chimaeras, also called the Gorodetsky house after its creator, is mainly used by the government but even though it is closed to visitors, the facade alone makes it worth the trip: its exterior is generously decorated with sculptures of various animals and even sea monsters, and it gives the place a very eerie, yet enticing vibe.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Bankova Street 10, Kyiv

Mystetskyi Arsenal

Mystetskyi Arsenal Kiev

One of the most ambitious projects on the Ukrainian art scene, Mystetski Arsenal, is a former military factory turned into National Art and Culture Museum Complex. Although contemporary art is in focus here, past exhibitions have already featured works of great masters such as Chagall or Picasso as well.


Useful Info:

Mariinsky Park

Mariinsky Park Kiev

This fabled park bears traces of its imperial heritage, and it is most certainly worth a visit: apart from a leisurely stroll, you can enjoy one of the best views over the Dnipro river and also take a look at the Mariinsky Palace, the baroque ceremonial residence of the Ukrainian president.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Mikhaila Grushevskoho Street, Kyiv

National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Culture

National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Culture Kiev

The National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Culture is Europe’s biggest open air museum. Here you will get an insight in Ukraine’s culture, history and all of its historical ethnographic regions in a fun and interactive way.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Vulitsa Akademika Tron’ka, Kyiv
  • Website:
  • Timings: Daily 10am-5pm.

Museum of Russian Art

Museum of Russian Art Kiev

This museum is located in the heart of Kyiv and it boasts an impressive collection of up to 12.000 paintings: ancient icons and famous Russian artists’pieces that come from the former home of art-collecting aristocrats.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Tereschenkovskaya Street 9, Kyiv
  • Website:
  • Timings:
    • Tue-Wed and Fri-Sun 10am-5pm.
    • Free entrance on the first Wednesday of each month until 2pm.

Mezhyhirya Residence Museum

Mezhyhirya Residence Museum Kiev

Also known as the “Museum of Corruption”, this former president’s home gives visitors a good idea of the obscene opulence of Ukraine’s former leader. This is a slightly alternative day trip but a must-see, for an insight into Ukraine’s turbulent political past and present. For a guided tour (in Ukrainian only), head to the sports and sauna complex called FOK.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Ivana Franka Street 19, Kyiv

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum Kiev

The mystical air, that surrounded both Bulgakov and his oeuvre, is omnipresent in the museum, as this is where the great author himself lived while working on “The White Guard”. Joining a guided tour is highly recommended, but call ahead, as the museum may be overcrowded.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Andriivskiy Descent 13, Kyiv
  • Website:
  • Timings: Thu-Tue 10am-6pm

Landscape Alley

Landscape Alley Kiev

The Landscape Alley is a area located in the historical centre of Kyiv, boasting a great playground and a 30 meter long mosaic as well as sculptures of cats, rabbits and other figures. While children will love to play around, art lovers will also enjoy this beautifully arranged quarter, as this is a real gem in the city.


Useful Info:

  • Location: Vladimirskaya Street 2 – Zhitomirskaya Street 36, Kyiv

One Street Museum

One Street Museum Kiev

This institution is one of the most popular museums in Kyiv, as it gives a fascinating insight into the history of the old Andrew’s Descent. One name, which is explored through historical documents and photos, is the famous writer Mikhail Bulgakov who used to live in building number 13.


Useful Info:

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